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Our Brand Story

Posted By: Andrew Pennington

We are excited to share with you our recent brand update. Beginning in 2011, James started LionsMouth digital. Since those beginning days, the company has grown and we wanted the branding to represent that too. The previous LionsMouth logo was good, but we wanted to make it great! We started with a study of our name, LionsMouth. What words and imagery do you think of when you see the word “LION?” Lions are very iconic and powerful animals. They have been used in stories all throughout the world. To us, Lions have very definitive characteristics. Lions are:

Literal vs Iconic

Knowing the traits and characteristics of Lions allowed us to study how others have used them in graphics and logos. During our study we noticed the variety of ways that they have been shown. This Lion logo study helped us decide which way we wanted to design our Lion, so as to not get lost in the crowd. As you can see in the graphic below, many Lion logos are very literal, they display the body, face, or profile of a Lion.

Our Logo Direction

We decided we wanted a mark that was versatile. Our logo should be an iconic representation of the name, but one that uniquely doesn’t display a literal lion. We were drawn to an angular and geometric look. The intersecting lines are one of the first things you notice when you look at a lions mouth up close.

The Logo Mark

The logo was derived from these basic lines.

The Logo Mark and Color Palette

The LionsMouth Color Palette consists of LionsMouth Gold, Anthracite Grey and White. Color studies of our branding guide are shown below.

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Posted By: Andrew Pennington

Andrew Pennington is our Creative Director here at LionsMouth, and takes lead in developing creative solutions to our clients design problems. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, where he ran track & field and studied design, he spent the last few years working at an advertising agency in Dallas, TX. He specializes in web and UI/UX design. Andrew is passionate about enhancing brands through design to create great experiences.

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