July 17th, 2014 / 2 min read

The Beginning of it all

a few brief words about whats going through my head

Posted By: James Blair

Starting LionsMouth was always about finding a way to help the companies that I already really love, communicate effectively online. It really started back in 2012 when I was a new coder, and definitely a wantapreneur. I had grand visions of helping smaller companies take on the big guys - and quite frankly, I guess I still do! The core idea was to help companies effectively communicate online and to help those business’ see why design matters to their company.

For the first few months, it was really just myself being a glorified freelancer. Yes I walked the walk and talked the talk of a seasoned company vet, but behind the curtain was just one man working furiously. I felt like a duck… cool and calm on the surface, but paddling furiously just beneath the surface. Thankfully this season of hard work payed off, and I was able to bring on our first full time employee, Andrew Pennington. We had become a real company! Our mission still stayed the same, but our firepower increased exponentially.

Starting a Business is Hard

Not much of a newsflash, but I’m always amazed when people truly don’t understand working more than a 40hr week. It takes such an incredible amount of willpower to push through the barriers of apathy, fear, uncertainty, and constant (sometimes unwanted) feedback. But this isn’t my first rodeo, and I knew that going in. When things get tough I always have a solid mission to fall back on and a place from which to recharge. By never losing sight of our goal to help companies effectively communicate - I think we’ll be doing alright.

Looking Ahead

I’m not quite sure what to really call us. Yes, we’re “called” Lions Mouth Digital - but that name is always followed up by something like: “We’re a….” Its that phrase afterwards that has been so tough to nail down. Are we an agency? Freelancers? Mercenaries? No matter what people think we are - I hope that they can see that who we are matters so much more. I don’t know what lies ahead for us, or what “We are a…” bucket we’ll fall into, but I do know that we have the people, the passion, and the will to make great things.

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Posted By: James Blair

Before founding LionsMouth, James was the CTO and then CEO of Karbon Speed, which he sold in 2013. His experience building a digital brand, optimizing for conversion, and successfully growing the company has led him to go full time into digital strategy and optimization. His passion is to help companies effectively communicate their message online, and use CRO techniques to do it. James is a member at Watermark Community Church, and is an avid home brewer at Shadywood Creek Brewery.

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