January 27th, 2015 / 2 min read

What works well — Client Services while traveling

How to travel while still serving our clients well

Posted By: James Blair

Any thoughts on the type of business or activities that work well for this lifestyle?

So I run a digital strategy/branding/web-design company called LionsMouth Digital and I love that our team is spread out across the country. I have to admit however that it is exceptionally difficult to be in a different timezone than our clients when communication is so key. I have high hopes that it can be done — run a client services business while traveling that is. But so far, that aspect is less than ideal. My initial thoughts are that you have to be in the SaaS or eCom space.

Any benefits or negatives with timezone juggling in your experience?

Working with people all over the world is stinking cool… and one of the biggest tangible business benefits is the fact that your operations can be humming along 24/7. It means I can wake up to a code push, pick up where they left off, and hand off for continued work when I log off. It is a thing of beauty. Conversely… having to keep tabs on when people will be available can become a big stressor and make our primary product (giving our clients an exceptional experience working together) suffer.

Also — any productivity tools that you’ve found essential in your travels, specifically in regards to communication/biz?

Who doesn’t love a good list of the products/services that people use to run their business? Personally we use: HipChat, TrackDuck, Whiteboard, BitBucket, and Sunrise Calendar to collaborate, communicate, and stay on point. Oh — and a good dose of FaceTime of course.

Overall — Being able to travel, work, and grow a company is an incredibly satisfying endeavor that anyone who has ever had the itch to do so… really ought to take the dive. Use those points, buy a plane ticket and give it a try for a week…. you just may be surprised at how great it really is.

Posted By: James Blair

Before founding LionsMouth, James was the CTO and then CEO of Karbon Speed, which he sold in 2013. His experience building a digital brand, optimizing for conversion, and successfully growing the company has led him to go full time into digital strategy and optimization. His passion is to help companies effectively communicate their message online, and use CRO techniques to do it. James is a member at Watermark Community Church, and is an avid home brewer at Shadywood Creek Brewery.

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