Working with a bad developer is just the worst experience

  • Makes you look bad in the end

    A bad developer can sabotage your designs, and completely handicap your final deliverable for everyone to see. Isn't it the worst when you’ve worked so hard designing a site to then be ashamed to share the link to everyone because it simply doesn’t look the way you intended?

  • The endless back & forth corrections

    Time spent going back and forth to fix mistakes over and over? “But I did exactly what the comp shows...” they say... but in reality what you need is someone to accurately represent the intent of the design and translate that to how the browser actually renders.

  • When your client can’t “figure out” the backend

    And frankly... you can’t really explain to them how to use it either. The backend CX is oftentimes the “real” product you’re giving your client. It’s what they will experience more often than not, and when it is neglected it really takes all wind out of the excitement sails...

  • Long term dread to do any future work

    When the project goes south (see first three points) and you’ve reached that resentment stage... it is so painfully difficult to later return to the site and muster up the energy to implement any future requests or improvements! It literally handicaps you from any future work with that client.

But reliable developers are hard to come by...

Even I have run into the problem of trying to hire great front-end developers and have struggled. If you add in hoping to find someone who understands design aesthetics, and is a great communicator -- it feels impossible!

With any web project, the developer is the last line of defense. Their work will ultimately be what the success of the project is judged on! That can be a terrible feeling if you don’t have someone you trust to not only execute on your hard wrought design, but also add in the last 10% effort which really takes a site to the next level of quality.

You want to minimize risk by hiring someone you know will get the job done, go beyond just the comps, and can work seamlessly with your internal team. Personally I know this only happens when you can maximize trust. Then you can move forward with full confidence that all your design features and promised functionality you’ve worked so hard with your client to nail down will actually turn out!

You need someone who can fill technology gaps, focus on outcomes, and help translate client requests into solutions -- and the technical skill to actually pull that request off. Helping you think through not only “what” features should be built, but also how to structure it in the most effective way.

Reasons to work with us on your next project

Pre-design consulting

We’ll work with your designers to work through technical functionality challenges to ensure the right design solutions are implemented.

Custom features & functionality

Have something out of the box you want to try? We can develop custom integrations and features to fit your need.

Designers ❤️ Us

As a designer, we speak the same language and seriously care about the same details you do.

Built for long term maintainability

Our future self is already thanking our current self for writing clean, maintainable code 🙌🏼

Cost effective, fixed-scope contracts

No one likes a moving target. Years of experience allow us to have an accurate scope, and stick to it.

Great communication with your clients

Always available to hop on a call with your client to be the technical resource & explainer you need.


We work with Burness to provide development services, technical guidance, and long-term project maintenance for their clients across the globe.

Who they are

At Burness, veteran communications, media and policy experts work with digital strategists, designers, writers and producers to create and execute communication strategies that move issues and elevate organizations.

  • CMS Site development
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Technical Advisement and Consulting for clients

LionsMouth has been exactly the type of partner we’ve needed. They help us in countless ways to deliver websites for our clients that exceed expectations. Not sure where we’d be without their help!

Nick Dean
Director of Digital @ Burness
UN Human Rights
Greenwall Foundation
Afterschool Alliance
Voices for Healthy Kids
Macy Foundation
Support AG Research
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We’re here to help you

Our goal is to help you look good and produce the best websites for your client. Providing our expertise to compliment your internal team and give you the confidence to sell more digital services. Reach out and see how we can help your agency succeed!