No owner wakes up thinking that they have a custom software problem...

Most of the time we think of our problems from the perspective of the pain they cause us, not from the solution needed to fix it. Most likely you’ve experienced a scheduling problem, or an accounting problem, or an inventory problem that you address by assigning it to someone on your team. It can become exhausting when you think of all the time you spend manually fixing, or undoing, or cmd + C, cmd + V data. woof.

The most common long-term problem I see is owners who have a false sense that they’ve fixed a problem by putting a person in place to solve it. There is a tremendous cost associated with this move, particularly when that person can no longer do the job they are (as a person) better at!

This is why letting a computer program take over aspects of your business can be exponentially valuable. It not only solves the original issue, but also unlocks your most valuable assets, your people, to perform their best.

We build software primarily to make people’s work life more enjoyable. No one likes manually doing things a computer should be able to do for them.

So, you may not think you have a custom software issue. That’s ok! We’d love to talk through your business pain points and discover if we can build a solution that sets you up for success both now and in the future.

If I were CEO of your business... Here is what I’d expect

  • No more spreadsheets to keep organized

    We all revert back to the simplest form of organization we know. Sometimes it’s sticky notes, but often a spreadsheet becomes home base for our business data. Unfortunately, those spreadsheets can be corrupted, are very poor at handling multiple users, and won’t scale as you grow.

  • All critical systems can share the right data

    We all can only make the best decisions with the information we have in front of us. But worse when the numbers don’t align how can you trust anything? Integrating systems to ensure accurate information across the board drives confidence in your team to make smarter choices.

  • Digitize processes to minimize admin tasks

    When we digitize process a few magical things happen. First, it becomes easier to onboard and train people to a reliable system, and second you learn a ton about the pitfalls and inefficiencies in your operations!

  • Expect it to scale as you grow

    Often we’re too busy working in our business to be working on our business. When building systems, the goal should always be to anticipate growth. You may only have 1 sales guy now, but a team of 15 requires a different set of tools. Build for your future.

Not only did the LionsMouth team develop a solution customized to our unique needs, but they learned our business inside and out strategized with us to create an app to take us to the next level and beyond.

Paula Minnis
Founder of GAIA for Women

Reasons to work with us on your next project

Passionate about process

Learning the inner gears of your business is the highlight of our week. With great operations come not only great results but happy people.

Custom features & functionality

Have something out of the box you want to try? We can develop custom integrations and features to fit your need.

Build vs Buy analysis

It can be hard to navigate off-the-shelf software. We’ll figure out with you, what is worth buying and what is worth actually building to fit you.

Built for long term maintainability

Software is an investment. It should not only last, but also scale and grow with you. We take a long-term mindset to avoid technical debt.

Cost effective, performance contracts

When it makes sense, we’re all about aligning our interests to share in your success. When we win, you win as well.

Cross industry experience

What’s considered normal procedure in one industry could be revolutionary for you. We never specialize because our experience becomes your insight.

Trusted by a number of great companies & clients

We’ve been fortunate to partner with a ton of great companies to produce amazing websites and applications. We pride ourselves in not specializing in one vertical, and we’re confident that insights from our past become benefits to your future. Reach out and see how we can help!

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